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Location of conversation tables. When and where meetings take place. Google maps

Our language tables are held every Wednesday evening during practically the whole year, even during holidays. 

Meetings take place between 8 and 10.30 pm.

They are held at the ORCA-room (2nd floor), situated at the sport complex ESPADON, 69, rue des Champs, 1040 Brussels (Etterbeek).


Accessibility is easy:

Accessibility is easy: trams 81, and 83 (in the evening), and buses 34 and 36, each stop at stops named  “La Chasse/De Jacht”, which are close to the intersection. In addition, trams 7 and 25 stop at the intersection of boulevard Général Jacques – Louis Schmidt, and the Chaussée de Wavre (at a stop named  “Arsenal/Arsenaal”).

Via Chaussée de Wavre:
Trams 81 and 83 (in the evening), bus 34 and De Lijn

Via Boulevard Général Jacques-Louis Schmidt:
Trams 25
 and 7


Parking is possible in adjacent streets.

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How to get in touch with the association

Information can be obtained from following sources:

  • every Wednesday evening at our meeting’s reception table;
  • by calling 0471/430.389;
  • by;
  • or by writing to Cercle Royal Polyglotte de Bruxelles, 77, avenue Brillat-Savarin at 1050 Bruxelles.